Vivisection: The Musical

The Wizard's Amulet
Session: The First

The session kicked off with the group a few days outside of Reme on the way to Eaststone, with everybody’s favorite sorcerer Corian Coriander.

After being attacked by some demon deer that sound like crying children, the party thoroughly investigated a bizzare stone arrangement on a hillside.

The party then continued on, made camp and Corian proceeded to spill the beans. Just as he finished a cyclopean raven flew away. After some incredibly adept ranged attacks, the raven assumed it’s true form as a miniature demon with wings. It attempted to flee, but exploded into a demonic mist. This resulted in Corian’s nemesis, Vortigern, screaming in agonizing pain.

The party was able to run in the general direction of the scream, and found a farmhouse, with it’s family murdered inside. The party was then ambushed by Vortigern and his allies, but Corian and his friends murdered all of them.


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